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Small change, big difference

Are your family looking for a fun way to get healthy together?


Spark is a free* healthy lifestyles programme that empowers children aged 7-13 years, who are above a healthy weight and their families to become fitter, healthier and happier.

If you think your child might be above a healthy weight and would benefit from support, in a fun & engaging environment, then Spark is for you and your family.

*If you are a Buckinghamshire resident, are registered with a Bucks GP or go to school in Bucks, you could be eligible for our FREE Spark programme

Eating Right

The food we eat can be both nutritious and delicious. A balanced variety of food is important as we grow and develop. You’re more likely to feel energetic and happy which supports your ability to concentrate and learn.

Spark believe you should be able to enjoy a balanced diet with great tasting foods.  Learning about healthy eating during childhood helps to support and reinforce children in making healthier choices as an adult.  At Spark, we strive to make healthy living fun and interesting for all of our participants.

Why not have a go at creating some healthy meals for the family with our quick and easy Spark recipes?

Spark recipes

Tops Tips



Try to eat snacks with 100 calories or less.  Such as, fresh or tinned fruit, sugar free jelly, chopped vegetables and low fat humus or a crumpet


Food labels

Learn to understand what food labels are telling you.  You will be able to make healthier choices.



Ask your family to keep an eye on the amount of food you eat with lots of salt.  Such as, crisps, sausages, cheese and pizza.


5 a day

Try to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day. Such as a slice of melon or pineapple or a handful of grapes.


Move more

Try and be active for at least one hour a day



Try to avoid sugary drinks, including fizzy drinks and milkshakes.


Spark recipes

Why not try some of our great Spark recipes?  They're healthy, quick and easy!



Healthy Sleep

Good sleep is important for your children's health and wellbeing. Check out these tips

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